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Making an order with us is quite simple and very easy. All you have to do is fill in the information in the form below. or click here and order directly  We always recommend all our buyers to use their correct information in filling all our order forms for reason being that all the information you fill in our forms are the only information we will still use in delivery. so it will be wise to use the correct information to avoid your products being supplied to another person who's not supposed to be on your list. Do not put in a fake address as your products will be delivered to the fake address. If that should happen, we will not be blamed for that loss. We always send payment information which usually takes less than an hour or more to do so. click here to ask for payment information directly.   Weed Health Shop|Buy Weed Online-Cannabis for sale

*Choose products from our shop which you want to buy and add them to your cart. Weed Health Shop|Buy Weed Online-Cannabis for sale 

*You must be 19 years of age minimum before ordering from us. we do not sale to minors.

*Always review your products before you check out and make sure you demand for payment information by clicking here you may also always pay directly to me by clicking here  also ask all your questions here by clicking here 

*Always specify which method of payment you want to use of which we always prefer bitcoins and give discount to buyers purchasing using the bitcoins method of payment. your can always pay though bitcoins by clicking here. Always specify the payment method you always want to use.

Memo: Like other shops, we do run out of products sometimes especially when demands are high. so we always advise all those who pay in advance should take three days and complete the payment in order to avoid cases of low stock availability.Weed Health Shop|Buy Weed Online-Cannabis for sale It's always advisable to purchase in bulk as it helps you to get lots of discount all the time as your name will be place in the client notifiable list. this means all those who purchase in bulk always get discounts from Clean Kush Home all the time. so order directly now by clicking here

We ship discretely to all addresses such as home addresses, P.O boxes, Office address,etc. we are the best Weed Health Shop|Buy Weed Online-Cannabis for sale.  Using a fake name will guarantee no delivery. As all our delivery men and women are quite experienced and have been supplying for long now and so have a mastery on the topography of almost all areas. They will only come to you when you proof you are not fake.

Keep In Mind for security purposes, the contents of this will be encrypted in ways just I can read. This ensure all your information are kept save and only i have access to them. All our encryption are done with a java script. We advise all clients here Weed Health Shop|Buy Weed Online-Cannibis oil for sale to always put in all the right information to avoid errors in delivery.


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